Rules of the Man Cave

  1. No children's toys/clothing/items, women's jewelry/clothing/shoes/items, weight loss wraps, and holiday/seasonal decorations. Anything not up to Man Cave "standards" will be deleted. Moderators reserve the right to make judgement calls on all posts
  2. Only post your items once. When a post expires, you will receive an e-mail notification and a repost button will appear on it so you can easily repost it, and it will be bumped to the top of the listings. To see all of your posts, log in and click "Manage Posts", where you will be able to select from Active, Expired, Sold, and Deleted posts
  3. Keep all posts on track. Personal opinions on somebody's price, item, or somebody else should be kept to yourself. If you don't like the price move on, no one forcing you to buy the item
  4. If you list something on the man cave, please respond if somebody has a question. If your post has multiple questions on it with no answer for a week or more, it will be considered sold, and deleted
  5. When that glorious day of the final transaction comes, please remember to mark your post as "Sold". This lets everyone who is subscribed to the post know that it is no longer available, and removes it form the listings
  6. Libel, slander, accusations, and other forms of local drama will not be tolerated
  7. For Sale posts with fake prices will be deleted