About The Cave

What is the Cave?

The Man Cave Shop and Swap started as a simple Facebook group, created out of the frustration of dealing with shop & swap groups clogged with women's clothing, children's toys, baby clothing, etc. While these items are highly sought after by some people, women are freakin' awesome, and children are our future, sometimes you just want to shop for man stuff. Car parts, ATVs, knives, guns, ammo, hunting gear, trailers, tractors. You name it, it's been through the Cave.

Over time, the Bonafide community began to band together. Stolen vehicles have been recovered by vigilant Cavers. Lost pets have been returned. Families in need have been given a hand up. New friends have been made. This community has grown to be something truly amazing.

Three years and thirty thousand members later, we realized we knew we were on to something, but our little Facebook group just wasn't quite cutting it. We wanted to do more, make things easier to find, give our members a better experience. So we created mancaveshopandswap.com, a website designed from the ground up to allow you to buy, sell, trade, advertise your business, get the word out about your event, and just hang out and talk to the rest of the Bonafide.

Who can join?

Everyone! We call it the Man Cave due to the nature of our rules barring women and children's items, but women are more then welcome in The Cave.

What can I post?

Consult the rules.

How do I post?

Simply go to mancaveshopandswap.com, log in, and click that big fat plus sign.

For a full breakdown of the site's features, see the User Guide